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IPTV and interactive television is a rapidly progressing technology through which television services are delivered using the Internet protocol suite.

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Service in details

  1. IPTV differs from other television services: signal is transmitted in multicast/UDP format only within operator's network
  2. TV signal is generated by the head-end station that receives broadcasting from satellite, TV tower or directly from a TV studio
  3. TV signal is encoded and transcoded when high bitrate is configured into lower bitrate
Challenges that today's professional IPTV operators face: how to ensure high quality video at lower network capacity, how to keep up with the most recent technological trends, how to expand product offering, how to ensure stable and uninterrupted operation of TV service.

Our Advantages

Our solution provides all IPTV functionality required in today's market: recording, subtitles, teletext, multi-language, etc. Why us:

Решение IP-телевиденья
High quality video at lower network capacity
Решение IP-телевиденья
Real-time monitoring of incoming and outgoing TV signal with built-in stream probe
Решение IP-телевиденья
Flexible approach to the needs of client's infrastructure
Решение IP-телевиденья
Easily scalable solution with significant reliability margin
Пропускная способность сети

Network capacity

Existing challenge

Majority of our clients have limited network capacity when streaming HD and even SD to their subscribers. The main challenged is posed by so called "last mile", the final leg of the telecommunications networks delivery components and mechanisms to retail end-users. Very often outdated technology (e.g. ADSL) is used and network is in unsatisfactory condition, therefore network capacity is limited with 1.5 Mbps for most users.

Solution by LifeStream

Solution designed by LifeStream helps clients minimise network capacity when delivering high-quality video to big TV screens. Ultra-effective video compression technology ensures premium quality at 1 Mbps (for SD) and 3.5 Mbps (for HD) average stream bitrate.

Thanks to our highly efficient technologies, some of our clients achieved a 90% IPTV penetration rate among their Internet subscribers vs. 40% observed prior to that.
Мониторинг в реальном времени и встроенный пробник
Мониторинг в реальном времени и встроенный пробник

Real-time monitoring and built-in stream probe

Additional functions built in our solution are another essential characteristic.

There is no need to acquire a stream probe in addition to a transcoding solution as our comprehensive product enables you to monitor streams (including incoming signal) on a real-time basis.

Динамичность и гибкость

Dynamic and flexible approach

Our solution represents a unique balance between quality standard (meeting all the requirements of the largest telecom operators) and individual approach to every project.

We are happy to provide recommendations from companies we are currently working with to demonstrate again efficiency of our approach.

We can also provide recommendations with detailed track record and project description.

Динамичность и гибкость
Масштабирование и запас надёжности
Масштабирование и запас надёжности

Scalable solutions with reliability margin

Our company and solutions we design stand out thanks to their scalable nature and reliability margin, which is proven by project we implemented for clients servicing large audiences in 11 time zones. 

LifeStream has unparalleled expertise in delivering truly scalable solutions to its clients.

Our clients also appreciate stability, cohesions and reliability margin of our solutions.  Become a client and learn more!

Case study: Rostelecom (2012)

Rostelecom is the largest Russian telecommunication company operating in every region of the country.

It provides the comprehensive range of telecom services and is TOP 1 Internet and Pay TV provider.

The company has:

  • 10.6 mln broadband Internet subscribers
  • 7.5 mln Pay TV subscribers (including 2.3 mln of IPTV users)
A few facts

10.6 mln

broadband Internet subscribers

7.5 mln

Pay TV subscribers (including 2.3 mln of IPTV users)


At the moment the company has > 2.3 mln IPTV subscribers.

In the middle of 2012 when Rostelecom was considering opportunities to enhance its video delivery infrastructure to support aggressive growth plans, the company had 1.2 mln subscribers.

To achieve that goal, the company had to increase its IPTV penetration rates among the existing clients.

That was a highly challenging task given mediocre network condition with 1-1.5 Mbps capacity in majority of regions.

And don't forget that in 2011 Rostelecom acquired 7 regional telecom operators, each with its own technology, infrastructure and development strategy.

And so LifeStream was commissioned to deliver a solution that would optimise networks of acquired operators and bring them to the company's standard and unite into a single IPTV network.

Another challenge for a company of such scale was to orchestrate different technologies, formats and signals and build a transparent and reliable monitoring throughout its divisions.

Our solution and results:

Solution engineered by LifeStream helped Rostelecom achieve high quality signal and deliver effective IPTV service to its Internet subscribers.

In 2012, TV audience of the company was only 13%, today this share is 20% and the number of IPTV subscribers more than doubled.

Our solution was smoothly and successfully integrated in the company's business and today Rostelecom's IPTV service covers more than 11 time zones and 65 cities.

We have developed complex yet reliable support systems that ensure 24x7 monitoring of the service quality throughout the whole coverage territory: from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok.

Пример реализации Ростелеком (2012)