LifeStream DVR

Digital video recorder is a component of LifeStream Video Infrastructure. This technology helps you record TV programmes to be later played on various devices.

In our system video is recorded on operator's side (cloud recording) and is available for viewing to all subscribers of the service.

Product in details

Thanks to cloud recording you may provide a whole range of recording services thus enhancing the functionality available to users and improving your cost-benefit ratio.

Why use the cloud?

Television viewing behaviour is changing.

New devices and technologies bring new opportunities. Users don't stick to broadcasting schedules.

They want to watch TV any time, anywhere and on any device.

Cloud recording will help you deliver more for your clients.


Key features:

  1. Our solution supports all popular formats, including HLS. It is compatible with all existing client apps.
  2. Cloud recording lets you increase the number of subscribers by reducing subscriber acquisition cost (no need to purchase a new STB, availability from any device)
  3. Reducing the cost of data storage. Once recorded programme is available to all subscribers
  4. Multiroom - recording on any device
  5. Value-added functions (Pause TV, EPG navigation, restart, delayed view, etc.)
  6. Simultaneous recording of several programmes during viewing