LifeStream Video Infrastructure

Video Infrastructure encompasses all key elements of our transcoding and video streaming system that also includes digital video recorder and digital rights management.

Video Infrastructure operates directly with video streams and ensures service's quality, reliability and efficiency at the industry's highest standards.

Product in details

In TV infrastructure every element matters, still Video Infrastructure is a corner stone of any large-scale solution as it operates directly with video streams and ensures service's quality, reliability and efficiency at the industry's highest standards.
LifeStream Video Infrastructure was designed to ensure everyday 24x7 operation of TV service in controlled and non-controlled IP networks, and has already proven its reliability in various projects.


LifeStream Transcoding solution compresses high and standard quality video which is streamed in real time to any format and resolution without compromising video quality. Our solution supports innovative technologies: digital video recording (Catch-Up, TimeShift, Pause), ad insertion, dynamic audio, real-time quality adjustments, multiple processing filters, and content protection on personal devices. LifeStream Transcoding provides the possibility to compress video down to ultra-low bitrate without compromising the quality and deliver it to clients of leading telecom operators all over the world. Latest generation of transcoding devices enables the use of networks with transmitting capacity of 50% less than required for any other conventional solution in the industry.

Constantly progressing quality and acquisition of new functions is ensured through software updates without any additional efforts.

Content delivery

Content Delivery Network is a part of LifeStream Video Infrastructure.

Content may be delivered to mobile devices running on iOS and Android, PC and Mac computers, game consoles and connected TVs.

In order to ensure high quality reliable real-time video delivery to all types of supported devices, LifeStream uses the best content delivery solutions and  cutting-edge video streaming technologies.

Key features

  1. Multi-channel, several outputs, SD and HD video
  2. Super-efficient preliminary processing including various filters and auto audio volume setup
  3. High quality video compression technology compatible with H.264 standard (developed by LifeStream)
  4. Built-in streams monitoring system (incoming and outgoing) using login and SNMP
  5. RM formfactor or blade solution
  6. Video streaming protocols for Apple iOS, Android, smartphones, tablets, personal computers, game consoles, connected TVs, and receivers
  7. Embedded CAS API encryption
  8. Built-in content distribution network for multiscreen viewing
  1. Built-in interface for standard content delivery networks
  2. Reliability ensured according to N+M system (including N+1)
  3. Instant messaging system including ability to send personal messages via operator
  4. Constantly evolving functionality and progressing quality through software and licence updates
  5. Built-in bitrate management system enables network capacity optimisation by 50% vs constant bitrate system
  6. Highly effective and productive adaptive bitrate encoder with which telecom operators may deliver their products (from HD video to mobile platforms) using a single platform