LifeStream Cloud

LifeStream Cloud is an innovative and progressive cloud solution for Pay TV operators.

Case study
OTT services have been becoming new players in the market by replacing telecom operators in voice and data streaming (Google, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.) and actively expanding their market share in video streaming. Video industry has its own specifics: since video streams require higher network capacity than music or other data, telecom operators play significant role in building and servicing video delivery infrastructure.
We believe that cloud technology is a next step in the evolution of TV industry leading to the emergence of professional cloud service providers using innovative video delivery and content management solutions, and existence of telecom operators focused on marketing and technical support. Certainly, there will be companies consolidating all functions, however, we see great potential in professional management of video cloud solution.

Our solution in details

Cloud OTT platform is an up-to-date, flexible, efficient and powerful tool for deployment of value-added TV services, expansion of client base and loyalty improvement. LifeStream OTT platform is a comprehensive solution covering every step of content management: from copyright holders to end users.
Our cloud platform may be leased or used under revenue sharing scheme. We work with clients of any scale.

Key features

Облачное решение
Availability of constantly evolving state-of-the-art video solutions
Облачное решение
Service resilience, automated monitoring and reliable technical support
Облачное решение
Licenced content
Облачное решение
Built-in analytical tools for real-time monitoring of business efficiency

And more:

  1. unique technology enabling TV or movie viewing of any quality supported by network (including mobile and wireless networks)
  2. fast launch of the service
  3. economic efficiency
  4. a wide range of value-added IPTV/OTT features
  5. service can be used when needed

Benefits enjoyed by end users:

  • friendly and intuitive interface
  • extensive EPG with programme previews
  • nonlinear content viewing (CatchUp, TimeShift, PauseTV)
  • integrated content protection (DRM)
  • мультиэкранность: iOS, PC, Mac, Android, SmartTV, игровые консоли, медиаплееры, телевизионные ресиверы
  • integration with existing social networks
  • geo-filtering
  • ad insertion
  • concurrent viewing from different devices
  • content sharing
  • advanced search
  • users' recommendations
  • expert recommendation
  • recommendation system
  • rating
  • built-in subscription management
  • nPVR
  • video sharing
  • extended viewing statistics
  • second screen
  • embedded voting
  • offline viewing (during short-term Internet brownouts, e.g. when commuting to work)
  • game elements

Case study: Smotreshka (2014)

Smotreshka is a young and ambitious project providing pay OTT TV services. The project burst into the Pay TV industry in 2015 and is growing robustly with an ambition to take leading positions in OTT TV market.

About the project

It is a complex project providing all value-added features associated with state-of-the-art video service: pay TV and video on demand on all devices, ad insertion, linear and nonlinear (Catch Up, Time Shift) viewing, second screen, DRM integration, nPVR and many others.

Solution and results:

Smotreshka was designed based on LifeStream Cloud. Majority of products and components developed by LifeStream were successfully used in Smotreshka: OTT transcoding, nPVR, DRM, CDN, content core, client applications, etc.