LifeStream Client Applications

Let's face it - TV is going through changes one can't ignore. TV screen - what is it? Today any screen you have at home or in your pocket can be used for watching TV. We have designed client apps to provide you with the best product TV market has to offer. TV screen. Your laptop. Your tablet. Your smartphone. Everywhere.

Any time is the right time for your favourite TV show - watch it when it's convenient for you! You can put the live broadcasting on pause at any moment and return to it later.

Product in details

It's all about your comfort. You won't miss your favourite TV show: now you can watch it any time you want. You can put it on pause and return to it a moment, an hour or a day later. You can take TV from your living room with a big flat screen to your bedroom and tablet without interrupting your viewing.
You can share the moments that made you laugh, that made you cry, that made you think with you friends. Do you want it? Then join us and start enjoying all the benefits of our client app!

Key features

  1. Watch what you want anywhere you want.

    We support all popular platforms: iOS, Android, Smart TV, PC, Mac, and the most widely selling receivers. Any place where you can access the Internet.

  2. Any moment. Simple and smooth.

    All our client apps have similar interfaces. It's easy to use them on any device. You don't have to worry about how it works, just enjoy your TV time. You won't get lost in too many buttons, our apps are simple and great to use! Channel logos and programme previews will help you navigate through the app. Anyone can easily use our apps: manage your viewing with Smart TV remote, STB remote or with your gestures while watching TV on your tablet or smartphone. Our intuitive interface is friendly for users of any age.

  3. Cut the cord.

    You don't have to live up to EPG schedule anymore. Our client app records all programmes and shows: who cares when it's aired, watch it when you want to. Still, sport events are better to be watched live - our app will remind you when broadcasting starts, so you won't miss it. Put TV streaming on pause. Rewind to a moment you missed, re-watch or skip. It's all up to you. Don't want to stay at home when it's sunny and nice outside? Make yourself comfortable in a park and keep watching TV on your tablet.

  1. Stay tuned.

    If you have a unique smartphone or want to use the app from your laptop or computer, we have a browser version using HTML5. Today's web-technologies help create efficient, reliable and fully functional web applications.

  2. Technology.

    For devices that support the most productive native applications we have designed client applications based on our cross-platform technology. It means you can use the same application on different devices. It doesn't matter whether you're an Android or iOS user - just download our app to your tablet or phone and get started!