Our clients

We work with the most progressive companies in video industry. Our clients are very different: from leading operators to regional or local providers. However, they all are open to new technologies and they believe that LifeStream can leverage and deliver in today's changing environment. Clients are in the centre of what we do. We work to design and implement solutions that would help them grow and prosper.


Megafon (2018)

TTK (2017)

Tele2 (2018)

Akado (2018)


ER-Telecom (2013)


Rostelecom (2012)

MTS (2014)

NTV Plus (2016)

Orion Express (2015)

Alma TV (2015)

TeliaSonera (2015)

MTS Belarus (2016)

Nurtelecom (2016)

Kazteleradio (2017)

Almatel (2017)

Virgin (2017)

Smotreshka (2015)