LifeStream for Enterprises

Growing focus on the Internet, dynamic evolution of mobile devices, social networks and all data transmission infrastructure led to the emergence of new marketing strategies and communication methods.

Large international companies, government and non-profit organisations, social, medical projects, and universities may interact with their employees, clients, students, and voters through special video portals or TV services accessed by users from mobile devices or STBs.

Solution for Enterprises by LifeStream

Our solutions stand out thanks to our creative and flexible approach to client service. Clients are in the centre of what we do. We work to provide the best, reliable, high quality and scalable solution at attractive price.

Решение для предприятий
reliable, high quality and scalable solution at attractive price

Our technologies and products enable our clients to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To enhance company's public image
  2. To successfully redistribute marketing and communication budgets towards highly effective tools
  3. To build efficient corporate and interdivisional employee interaction and training system
  4. To increase brand or product loyalty
  5. To boost team efficiency and awareness throughout every division of a large company
  6. To produce company's corporate or entertainment TV channel
  7. To sell and market company's products and services
  8. To organise all existing video materials into a single data base with access management

LifeStream at Your Service

We are fully aware how significant reputation is for a successful business. We offer only premium quality solutions developed according to the principles of reliability, integrity and efficiency.

Solutions offered to enterprises:

Решение для предприятий
Ready-made and fully functional Pay TV and VOD platform 
Решение для предприятий
Content management and ad campaign administration tools
Решение для предприятий
Comprehensive user statistics
Решение для предприятий
Monetisation tools

And more:

  1. Centralised management system
  2. Availability on all today's conventional and mobile devices
  3. Constantly evolving and expanding functionality 
  4. Scalable solution able to adapt to growing business
  5. High reliability and technical support
  6. Professional advisory and training of company's IT personnel (if needed)