LifeStream Hybrid TV (Satellite + IP) Solution

Satellite operators are actively looking for opportunities to effectively combine satellite TV services with value-added IP features.

Case study

Орион Экспресс

Service in details

Satellite operators have extensive subscriber base and provide high quality TV service to all their clients in different regions.

Usually, launch of OTT TV service is implemented in two stages.

At Stage 1, OTT TV is introduced as an additional service for subscribers interested in benefits of OTT product, specifically in the ability to watch video on any mobile device and anywhere they want.

At Stage 2, OTT service is integrated into hybrid STB and operator starts offering combined OTT+satellite TV service.


Satellite TV operators tend to use satellite technology for delivery of TV channels and IP technology for provision of interactive functions (DVR, second screen, etc.).

High quality STB equipment (equally efficient in processing satellite signal and ensuring OTT functions) plays a great role in successful implementation of such projects.

Our advantages

Our solution is designed to help satellite operators use cost-effective satellite technology for delivery of TV signal and also offer value-added features to their clients.

Advantages it has:

Решение для кабельного телевидения
Our solution needs lower network capacity without compromising video quality
Решение для кабельного телевидения
Concurrent processing of DVB-S and IP signal depending on availability of Internet.

Availability of full-functional service in any Internet connection ensured by OTT technology (no network restriction)

Решение для кабельного телевидения
Adaptive and easily scalable solution with significant reliability margin
Технология транскодирования

Transcoding technology

LifeStream's advanced transcoding technology is successfully applied for effective delivery of IP signal both in controlled and non-controlled networks..

Our transcoding technology ensures ultra-effective video compression: with just 1 Mbps (for SD) / 3 Mbps (for HD) capacity requirement.

Benefits it brings:

  1. Ultra-compression without quality deterioration
  2. Reliable operation of both DVB-S signal and IP signal
  3. Reliable monitoring system
  4. Comprehensive signal control during complex streaming
  5. Statistical indicators control technology
  6. Flexible reliability margin

Case study: Orion Express (2015)

Orion Express has been operating in the satellite TV market since 2005.

Orion Express offers satellite TV services to its subscribers and a full-service platform for broadcasters and TV channels, including: licensing, uplink, satellite capacity services, cable operators’ distribution, playout.

Today Orion Express is the only Russian satellite communications provider covering 100% of the Russian territory. The company also operates in CIS.

It is one of the most dynamically evolving players in Pay TV market.

In 3Q 2015, the number of the company's subscribers grew by 2% while Pay TV market in general demonstrated only a 1% growth.

As of the end of the half year, the company achieved 2.784 mln subscribers.

Orion Express delivers TV channels to >400 largest cable networks in Russia, CIS, Europe and USA.

10 000 000+ of subscribers in cable TV & IPTV networks in Russia and CIS.

A few facts

3 mln


the only

Russian operator with 100% coverage of the country


Orion Express was looking for a possibility to quickly and efficiently launch an OTT service as a value-added feature for its satellite TV subscribers.

We managed to build very productive and positive relationship with the client based on the shared understanding of the new service and our professional and time-efficient adaptation of the integrated platform to the needs and scale of the company's business.

Solution and results:

Thanks to the platform developed by LifeStream, Orion Express became the first satellite operator in Russia to introduce OTT TV to its subscribers.

At the moment this service operates in a commercial mode and demonstrates stable acquisition rates.

The service will be scaled up in future as well as its functionality.