LifeStream Management System

LifeStream Management System was designed for our clients to help them reduce operational costs and enhance system management efficiency. Centralised Management System was developed by LifeStream for large telecom operators that have multiple video streams and operate with a large number of head-end stations.

This is a scalable platform that helps control LifeStream's Video Infrastructure.

Product in details

Our software ensures easy and reliable network administration and helps our clients control transcoding tasks with intuitive interface. It can also be integrated into a third-party administration platform via SNMP. Automated reliability assurance and recovery system guarantees fail-safe TV signal that is required to provide uninterrupted live broadcasting.
E-mail or SNMP notification system makes monitoring more efficient and helps operators get immediate updates on network status and clusters in a real-time mode.  LifeStream Management System reduces the servicing cost by simplifying management of multiple streams, which makes the solution scalable and guarantees successful deployment from several transmitters concurrently.

Key features

  1. Web interface
  2. SNMP monitoring
  3. Network resource monitoring
  4. Multiroom - recording on any device
  5. Notification system
  1. Detailed reporting
  2. Automated load balance
  3. Several authentication levels
  4. Automated reliability assurance