About us

LifeStream follows all the latest technological trends and offers its clients the most innovative solutions.


Infrastructure solution by LifeStream is highly valued by our clients as it represents a very reliable and efficient system with top quality technical support  offered at an attractive price.

We have successfully developed the fundamental video processing technology and based on that we have designed a wide range of infrastructure solutions for our clients that can be tailored given the client's specifics and scale thus contributing to its development and also constantly adapting to challenges of the evolving video industry.


Why us

Today LifeStream is a high-tech company working in the areas of research and development, sales and marketing of top-grade video solutions.

Technologies developed by our company are used at every stage of video processing cycle for further OTT/IPTV transmission.

When developing our solutions we are in constant dialogue with leading telecom operators, Internet providers and Pay TV companies.

If you're looking for innovative services available on such devices as smartphones, tablets, PCs, or  Smart TVs, solutions by LifeStream are the best possible choice.

LifeStream offers one of the most advanced solutions in Europe for a cross-platform cloud TV service and VOD service which incorporates all key features: nPVR, DVR, Pause TV, etc. The Company can also deliver interactive advertising solutions based on cloud or hardware platforms that help you execute addressable as campaigns.


LifeStream was founded by a highly competent team with unparalleled experience in OTT industry.

Our talented engineers, designers and developers make us the best team in the market that understands the challenges of today's dynamic and highly competent video industry and has all the resources and competence to successfully deliver for its clients.