LifeStream Hybrid TV (IPTV+OTT) Solution

IPTV+OTT solution enables broadband Internet providers expand their IPTV offering by adding OTT products to their portfolio thus keeping up with requirements of today's customers.

Case study


Service in details

With evolution of baseline and optical fibre networks operators came to explore the potential of developing services in non-controlled networks.

As they already have functioning IPTV services they're looking for possibilities to build OTT TV and integrate it into existing IPTV solution. 


The fundamental requirement that IPTV+OTT solution has to meet is the ability to ensure identical video quality of TV services consumed from STBs (IPTV) and mobile devices (OTT).

Our advantages

Ability to offer the service in non-controlled networks

Traffic offload by low bitrate

Advantages it has:

Решение для кабельного телевидения
Our solution needs lower network capacity without compromising video quality
Решение для кабельного телевидения
Built-in streams monitoring system
Решение для кабельного телевидения
Adaptive and easily scalable solution with significant reliability margin.

Ability to provide the service in third party networks

Технология транскодирования

Transcoding technology

Advanced transcoding technology by LifeStream  is successfully applied to help broadband Internet providers optimise their Pay TV video streams.

Our transcoding technology ensures ultra-effective video compression: with just 1 Mbps (for SD) / 3 Mbps (for HD) capacity requirement.

Benefits it brings:

  1. Ultra-compression without quality deterioration
  2. Reliable monitoring system
  3. Flexible reliability margin

Case study: GNC-ALFA (2015)

GNC-ALFA CJSC is one of the leading telecom operators in Armenia.

In February 2012, the company became a member of Rostelecom PJSC group of companies.

Starting December 2012, GNC-ALFA CJSC has been providing telecommunication services in Armenia under Rostelecom brand as a subsidiary company.

Starting 2014, the company has been covering all major cities of the country. The network of Rostelecom Armenia is solely based on fiber-optic cable (FOC) infrastructure incorporating up-to-date technologies, covering 80% of country's territory and spreading for over 3,000 km.

The Government of Republic of Armenia, state institutions, international organisations, commercial banks and operators are listed as corporate clients of GNC-ALFA CJSC.

A few facts


broadband Internet provider in Armenia


km of FOC network


The company wanted to replace the solution it used.

ZTE company was tendered to provide Middleware solution and STB.

LifeStream was selected as the best supplier of infrastructural solution including transcoding, streaming and DRM integration.

Solution and results:

We successfully integrated our solution into ZTE product and the project was announced earlier than planned.

This project demonstrated high project management effectiveness and flexibility in integration of LifeStream's components into third party vendor solutions.