LifeStream Statistical Multiplexer

LifeStream Statistical Multiplexer is another element of our highly effective Transcoding solutions offered to cable TV and digital TV operators with embedded innovative technology for controlling IP statistics.

Solutions designed by LifeStream may be smoothly integrated into existing network and cable infrastructure and significantly enhance its capacity and potential.

Product in details

LifeStream's advanced transcoding technology meets all requirements of cable operators in terms of optimising video streams for Pay TV. Our solution brings network's capacity to its maximum productivity without compromising the quality of streamed video. Our unique compression technology ensures high quality signal at only 1 Mbps (for SD) / 3 Mbps (for HD) network capacity.
LifeStream Transcoding technology was designed to ensure everyday 24x7 operation of TV service and delivery of SD and HD video in any format without losing the quality. Our product has a fully functional web interface, it means that operator may choose different options while using the product.
LifeStream Transcoder has multiple pre-integrated functions: stream probe for real-time monitoring of incoming and outgoing streams, audio volume settings, image processing filters, etc. Our transcoding technology is a software product, it can be adapted to different operation systems and installed on any Intel based hardware. Our clients may upgrade transcoding software simply by downloading and installing updates that become available immediately after release. Thus, our clients enjoy the latest technology with maximum time and cost efficiency.

Key features

  1. Our solution supports all popular formats, including HLS. It is compatible with all existing client applications
  2. Cloud recording lets you increase the number of subscribers by reducing subscriber acquisition cost (no need to purchase a new STB, availability from any device)
  3. Reducing the cost of data storage. Once recorded programme is available to all subscribers
  4. Multiroom - recording on any device
  5. Additional functions (Pause TV, EPG navigation, restart, delayed view, etc.)
  6. Simultaneous recording of several programmes during viewing