LifeStream Content Core

LifeStream Content Core is a cutting-edge content management system for administration of data streaming to all devices. LifeStream Content Core can easily adapt to the needs of your business and be smoothly integrated within any business solution.

LifeStream Content Core will help you boost your business effectiveness by building an innovative and interactive service you may offer to your clients.

Product in details

Jointly with other products designed by LifeStream you may significantly enhance your business model with highly attractive and interactive service that encompasses a wide range of functions: multiscreen, DVR, second screen, social TV. LifeStream Content Core is more than just a content management system. It is a tool to monitor viewers' behaviour that can be successfully used to execute addressable ad campaigns.
Smart recommendation system is another benefit that helps acquire and maintain loyal customers. Statistics generated by this tool supports content management efficiency and significantly reduces the cost of service.

Key features

  1. Supports all types of devices (iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Smart TV, etc.)
  2. Supports multiple users and multiple devices
  3. Multiscreen function: availability of service on several devices under a single account
  4. Can be installed in any combination of cable (IPTV, OTT, DVB and hybrid) and wireless (3G/4G, WiFi) networks
  5. Synchronisation with social netwroks. Integration of contacts and other information from social network accounts
  6. Cross-device content sharing
  7. User authentication and authorisation via API with integrated business operation and maintenance system
  8. Concurrent search in EPG, DVR, VOD and third-party services (e.g. YouTube)
  9. As insertion: advertising is displayed not only during live broadcasting but also in different windows of graphic interface, thus increasing advertising efficiency and making the service more attractive for advertisers
  10. Uploading social network statuses ("recently viewed', "now playing', "I recommend")
  11. Instant messaging system including ability to send personal messages via operator
  1. Synchronisation with external address book
  2. System recommendations including information and reviews from external systems
  3. Ratings
  4. Scalable solutions, adaptive to operator's structure
  5. Smart statistics and reporting system
  6. Limited access to platform depending on the type of operator
  7. Resource management system optimising load distribution
  8. Flexible tariff & discount system, other marketing tools
  9. Operational efficiency, simple access to content, fast content publication and management
  10. Automated metadata download for facilitation of content publication
  11. Constantly upgrading software to resolve upcoming challenges and successfully satisfy client requirements in the changing environment
  12. Convenient and flexible interface to manage users, profiles and user devices
  13. Ability to identify connection errors and monitor subscribers' activity
  14. Multi-language